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Consulate Appointment or Contact Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in New Delhi : Visit only by Appointment

For consular service, you must book an appointment, You are advised to book on normal working hours via making a phone call or email on [email protected]. Also for more details please check in first instance the consulate website for enquiries contact form .

Bosnia and Herzegovina Consulates in India may prioritize Appointment for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens or have dedicated support.

If unfortunately unable to get contact here, one should try to the Bosnian Herzegovinian Honorary Consulate in Mumbai, Bosnian Herzegovinian Honorary Consulate in Kolkata,
For your convenience here listed all other representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina located in India.

Visa and Passports
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Visa types granted by Bosnia and Herzegovina are;

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Travel Insurance for India
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus has a complete analysis report in terms of total cases, active cases, recovered cases and deaths. So the total number of cases of this pandemic in {Country} is {607,628}. The active cases of this disease are approximately equal to {193,828}. Patients who are already recovering from this virus are {400,242} in number. The death rate rate is approximately {13,55} people in 2020. The number of people with this COVID has been tested {999999}. The number of vaccine doses approximately {99999} to treat the disease is predetermined.

Now the medical centers of {Country} are focusing on getting the final treatment of COVID-19 and they legitimately requested for all the pre-requesting of immunizations to get started. {Country} requested almost {3.8billion} number of antibodies to get combined there. These vaccines are requested by various organizations, including {Norvax, Sanofi GSK} from where {300m millions} antibodies have been requested. Nearly {230 million} of antibodies are requested from {Oxford University}. As per the recent analysis, the dosages of these antibodies are sufficient to inoculate {90 percent} of the population.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in New Delhi, if you find this information is not correct.

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Bosnian Herzegovinian Honorary Consulate in Mumbai, India

24th Road, Khar (W)
Mumbai 400052

(+91) 22 2605 1000

(+91) 22 2605 7200

Bosnian Herzegovinian Honorary Consulate in Kolkata, India

c/o Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.
6 Lyons Range
Kolkata - 700001

(+91) 33-3940 3950

(+91) 33-2248 3539