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New Arrangement: India's Group Tourists Can Explore Russia Visa-Free

Russia has ushered in a new era of travel relations with India by proposing a visa-free regime. This unprecedented move is expected to strengthen the diplomatic and cultural ties between the two countries while giving a significant boost to tourism. Here's a detailed look at the proposal and its implications.

The Visa-Free Proposal

The Economic Development Minister of Russia, Maksim Reshetnikov, announced the proposal that seeks to allow tourists from both India and Russia to visit each other's nations without the need for a visa. However, there's a catch - this provision would be applicable only if the tourists travel in organized groups.

E-Visa for Indian Travelers

From August 1, Russia commenced the issuance of electronic visas (e-visa) to Indian passport holders. This initiative streamlines the visa process, making it easier and quicker for Indians to get travel approval for various reasons, including business trips, guest visits, and tourism.

  • Introduction Date: August 1.
  • Purpose: Facilitates travel for business trips, guest visits, and tourism.
  • System: Electronic visa (e-visa) issuance.
  • Validity: 60 days from the date of issuance.
  • Stay Duration: Allows a stay of up to 16 days in Russia.
  • Fee: Approximately $52.
  • Advantage: Simplifies and speeds up the visa acquisition process.
  • Other Countries: Available to citizens from a total of 55 countries.
  • Application Process: Online, streamlining traditional visa procedures.

China - A Precedent to the New Arrangement

Russian visa free regime isn't the first of its kind. Prior to the announcement with India, Moscow had already set in motion a similar scheme with China. This arrangement sets a promising precedent for the prospective agreement between India and Russia.

The State of Russia's Tourism Industry

Reshetnikov addressed the challenges faced by Russia's tourism sector, primarily aiming to revive the tourist arrivals to the figures seen before the pandemic. The Ukraine conflict also plays a role in the reduced tourist numbers.

Russia-China Visa-Free Resumption

Another significant development occurred when Russia and China decided to resume their visa-free travel agreement. 

  • Original Agreement Date: First negotiated in 2000.
  • Suspension: Agreement was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Reinstatement Date: August 1.
  • Travel Conditions: Tourists must travel in organized groups.
  • Group Size: Minimum of five people.
  • Itinerary: Groups must travel under a single itinerary and program.
  • Goal: Boost tourism and strengthen bilateral relations.
  • Similar Arrangements: Russia also reached a visa-free agreement with Iran.
  • Backdrop: Part of Russia's broader strategy to restore pre-pandemic tourist numbers and rejuvenate the tourism industry.

E-Visa Scheme Expansion

In tandem with the visa-free initiatives, Russia also introduced an e-visa scheme on August 1 for citizens of 55 different nations. This visa, priced around $52, remains valid for 60 days and grants the visa holder a stay of up to 16 days in Russia.


The new visa-free proposal, if successfully negotiated, could herald a new chapter in India-Russia travel relations, potentially paving the way for a significant surge in tourism and cultural exchanges.

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